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Long Hairstyles 2013 Men

Long Hairstyles 2013 Men
Long Hairstyles 2013 Men

Long hairstyles 2013 men is a new trend that can make you look laid back, stylish, and good at the same time. Having such hairstyles 2013 is not only hype, but also easy and nice on the maintenance. Whatever types of hair you have, you can always make sure that you style up your hair in the most convenient way. After all, the long hairstyles 2013 are now being popular again, thanks to several male celebrities that have introduced them to the 2013 trend.

Easy Cut Hairstyles

Long Cut Hairstyles Men 2013
Cut Hairstyles Men

For men, having such long style is easy and nice. They can pull up this easy going look without neglecting the care and the treatment. Take a look from the hairstyle worn by Brad Pitt. He looks very laid back and stylish with his long hair, passing his ears and reaching to his neck. He has thick and natural rather wav texture that makes him looks like the boho king. If you don’t have thick hair like Pitt, maybe you can consider having hair cut like Keith Urban. He has this natural straight and rather thick hair, but instead of styling it like Pitt, he has this cropped cut with longer trim on the back side. If you want to look stylish in the simplest way, you can try their styles.

Wavy Cuts

Long Wavy Cut Hairstyles Men 2013
Wavy Cut Hairstyles Men


If you have natural wavy or rather curly texture, you can also cut your hair like the ones ever happened in the 1970s and the beginning of 1980s. If you take a look at those times, most men would wear their hair long, in the easy and simple rocker style look. You can try it too.

All in all, having long hair cut doesn’t only show off your freedom and a little rebellious side of yourself, it can also make you look stylish and classy at the same time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girls like romantic wedding photographys

Do you want their wedding to be more innovative and creative it? This is probably the most coveted desire of each couple! Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few beautiful and sexy wedding! See if you can HOLD live?

Sense the new face of so much hand? Well, Suzhou Taro Hanako at least take the time do not need to face. This wedding hanging at home must be attractive requirements, Cheats phobia caution Oh!

Beautiful night sky, feel like being in a fairy-tale dream, the girls this dream wedding you like it?

Cattle the more active the thinner, to the more active fat ...... Yahoo Japan spoof is always the symbol of the young, the rich bold creative wedding for couples who open a new window.

Follow the example of the new Titanic romantic embrace the sea breeze, the possibilities are endless.

Compatible with the background, the bride castle, mysterious, charming, attractive infinite, this creative wedding presumably it is consistent with the preferences of young after 90, you like it?

Simple lane through the production, can also be a wonderful large.

Such as wind such as Wuban the bride and groom how to capture it?

Romantic snow wedding, do not have to under stand shooting sky snow.

Pronovias Pre-collection Costure Wedding Dresses Series 2014

Cute Short Hairstyles 2013

Cute Short Hairstyles 2013
Cute Short Hairstyles 2013

For the new hairstyles 2013, you can always go with the cute short hairstyles 2013 that will give you new look and confidence. Granted that short hair style requires confidence, but when you feel great with such short cut, you may want to keep it forever and never goes long anymore. There are several stylish options for the short hairstyles 2013 that you can try, as long as you are confident enough.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013
Short Bob Hairstyles


Bob style has always been a popular type of hair cut because it is simple to maintain and it can create sleek and chic effect. Different kinds of bob style can be chosen from the various options. For example, if you want to look edgy, chic, and modern at the same time, you can try the cut worn by Katherine McPhee. The short cut is accompanied by longer style on the nape, which makes it edgy, punk-style, and also stylish. If you want to create more modern and professional look, you can try the inverted bob that is worn by Victoria Beckham. The sleek cut and the layers will frame your facial features nicely while giving you the edgy cut you need. Or you can try the common and classy bob worn by Samaire Armstrong. It is classy as well as professional like.

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles 2013
Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles


Of course you can also try other options, depending on the structure and texture of your hair. If you have natural wavy or even curly hair, you can try the short cut worn by Vanessa Hudgens or Hayden Panettiere with the wavy and short texture. Such cut is definitely cute and it delivers somehow carefree and messy effect, showing off that you don’t care about the world.

Go to your hairstylists and discuss about the various options you have in having the short cut. With the right cut and treatment, you should be able to look chic and stylish in such simple manner.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Spring 2014

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Spring 2014 interpretation of the black-and-white charm

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hot Short Hairstyles 2013

Hot Short Hairstyles 2013
Hot Short Hairstyles 2013

There are some various options when it comes to hot short hairstyles 2013. In this year, most celebrities and people tend to do something drastic with their hairstyle, considering that they need a make over and they want to try something bold. Well, the short cut has always been a chic option for the hairstyles 2013. When you are able to do it right, you can look fresh and new with your ne cut.

Boyish Hairstyles

Boyish Hot Short Hairstyles 2013
Boyish Hairstyles

The boy short cut has always been a popular type of cut liked by both men and women. This type of cut is very stylish, classy, and timeless. Whatever your hair type is – straight, wavy, or curly – the short cut will be the perfect option for you. For the new short hairstyles 2013, the boy cut is back to the platform. You can try the pixie style with rather cute and sweet style worn by Anne Hathaway or you can try the cropped and sleek boy cut worn by Emma Watson. Both wear the same short cut, but since the cut is different, the effect created is also different. in short, both cuts are perfect for those with small facial features and structure. If you have bigger or wider structure, you may want to consider the cut worn by Carey Mulligan. This is a straight short boy cut without leaving the feminine side.

Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hot Short Hairstyles 2013
Bob Hairstyles


Bob cut has always been a timeless option. If you want to look different and sleek, you can try the new hair do by Katherine McPhee. Her bob style is cut very short towards the nape with side way bangs, so she looks sleek and professional. It is perfect for professional women.

There are still many other options that you can try with the short cut style. discuss things with your hairstylists and you should be good to go.

The world's top ten wedding dress brand

Pronovias: Spanish-style romantic love

The world's first wedding dress brand from Spain by the British Queen Elizabeth II, Madonna and other celebrities love with Valentino and a number of the world's top designers. Pronovias white fantasy, timeless and elegant, noble and romantic and many other styles to create unique gorgeous wedding dress, high-end wedding dress priced at 12,000 euros.

Cymbeline: French romantic

Cymbeline from France, the design concept of passion and imagination, by virtue of the the cut and ingenuity selection of avant-garde, from glass yarn jacquard satin brocade embroidery, its luxury wedding dress Add a fabulous light.

Carolina Herrera: bride's Modern Times

Designer Carolina Herrera have both France and Spain aristocratic lineage, social life and a sense of nostalgia for the old school given the unique temperament of the modern woman. Carolina Herrera brand of fusion the noble gorgeous European and modern American design style wedding dress full of tension and personality.

Monique Lhuillier: most Western brides welcome

The best wedding dress designer award for two consecutive years in 2001 and won the American wedding dress magazine to focus on the exquisite hand-sewn reserved wedding dress beautiful and traditional at the same time promote the modern avant-garde design, today's most popular Western bride welcome wedding dress brand.

Anne Barge: New York Bridal show sexy

Anne Barge wedding dress 2011 spring and summer series of simple and elegant lines and very feminine details to create a sophisticated and elegant image of the bride. Soft bow, the delicate hollow, flowing tail and with a sense of jumping shoulder, blinking floral, fluffy skirt ...... demonstrating woman gorgeous and dignified style.

Jesus del Pozo: 1970s retro style

Jesus del Pozo has a truly royal descent pure and noble, mysterious and refined, simple wedding dress works fantasy, bringing magnificent imagination, become the objects of the world sought after if God. Its breakthrough in the form of restrictions in the pattern, designed in the spirit of continuous innovation make it important indicator of today still the fashion world.

Vera Wang: big star to become fans

Do not put domestic introduction of the cards White by Vera Wang Vera Wang as a real recall Carina Lau and Patty's wedding dress, you know Vera Wang favored by celebrities based on price, customized, limited as a gimmick. 2011 spring and summer of Vera Wang wedding dress as lead brides into lightweight Wonderland "beautiful embroidery, lace embellishment effect.

Jenny Packham: round the bride's dream of a star

Jenny Packham2011 spring and summer wedding dress series filled with romantic atmosphere. Jenny Packham like simple and smooth without losing the beauty of the design, the wedding dress is also well sketched out the graceful figure of women. "Today's bride fashion has greatly evolved, brides no longer dreaming of a fairy tale princess, they want as the embodiment of the goddess on the red carpet like a star." Designer Jenny Packham is recommended elegant Greek-style wedding dress.

Yumi Katsura: pure bride's preferred

Who have a number of stars to build luxury wedding dress designer Yumi Katsura, a better vision of her life in the design of the wedding dress will inject come, showing the works of the romantic and pure. Yumi Katsura wedding dress series is not only excellent and special shape is also very personal, very suitable for the independence and unique personality of women in the city.

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Ladies Short Hairstyles 2013

Ladies Short Hairstyles 2013
Ladies Short Hairstyles 2013
New year, new season certainly has something to do with new hair. And new hair certainly has great thing to do with ladies short hairstyles 2013. What makes these hairstyles so special, anyway? Well, on top of the reasons, short hairstyle offers simplicity, sleekness and modesty to anyone wearing it. Even if women are in their 40s, 50s or 60s, this hairstyle is still looking at its best. With many hairstyles 2013 available, more options certainly are worth to be looked out and chosen.

Classic Cropped Hairstyles

Ladies Short Hairstyles 2013 Trends
Classic Cropped Hairstyles


Are you a fan of Rihanna? Well, then you certainly have some clues already about her famous hairstyle history. She had short hairstyles several times where each hairstyle appeared in a very unique and different feature. One of the most popular cuts is the classic cropped hairstyle. It is cut right around the ear with edgy hair ends. Characterized by short-side fringe and layers, this hairstyle offers flexibility and modesty for oval face like Rihanna. Yet, it still fits great for long and heart-shaped face. No wonder this has been considered as one of the most favorite short hairstyles 2013. Not only is this suitable for straight hair but it is also looking great for thick and wavy hair.

Super Sleek Bob

Ladies Short Hairstyles 2013 Bob
Super Sleek Bob


There is no one denies the super sleek look that can be brought by bob hairstyle. This is one thing every woman knows, even Karlie Kloss that recently has appeared with sleek short curly bob hairstyle. For the super sleek look, take a look at Jessica Alba. She is fabulous with shoulder length bob with wavy effect that falls naturally. She seems to use no curling iron and lets her hair naturally shapes itself. If you want this, try to add some layers and side-swept bangs for more personal look.

One certain thing out of short hairstyle is low maintenance and styling which makes this hairstyle often preferable than others.

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