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Ranked in the top 15 mandatory wedding photos

Most photographers will tell you one thing, when planning your big day, make a list! "Your photographer a list of images you want to capture your big day ahead of schedule, there will be help streamline processing, and let them get a better idea of ​​your creativity. We hope these 15 ideas to provide an easy-to-follow guidelines, how do you make your wedding day photography a huge jump off point.

15. Accessories

When it comes to your closet, remember, "details details! Shot ring (you can easily complete the ceremony), hanging wedding dress, shoes, garters, or other jewelry, to capture the images is very easy, ready to reflect not always leave much time, you will be very glad you got these later.

 14. Decorated

Captured bouquet, corsage cake, table settings and favor, close-up, remember fifteen minutes to send you photos of the photographer, when all can be a quick and easy way to fill time and to ensure that searching for the best (fresh). * Photographer Tip: when you try to do some of these lenses, you have worked for the ring, sometimes use the bouquet is a great way to add to your image, texture or color pop.


13. Preparation - the bride and bridesmaids

The most intimate photos of the day began with the bride's preparation. This is a special moment, there are so many happy and gorgeous smile, you will not want to miss you look at how to motivate. If your dress has a bead at the back of the work or relationships, it may be good, including the honor and the maid in this particular moment the bride's mother. Close-up here, especially in black and white is timeless and elegant, do not forget to show off your hair! We liked the old-fashioned bride ready for the lens with her daughters.

12. Preparation - the groom and best man

This is an unusual man some camera shy, but appeal to them commrodery sense is always a good choice. Try their group photo, the car, to match their tie or shoes the fastest, they must forget the camera at any time. In addition, since they might not take as long as their female counterparts prepared to consider setting up a card table for a quick round of the Texas maintain EM 'and some classic photos, these are the moments in between is usually the best.

11. Bridal Party

This motley crew is the hope that the wedding day test, in order to ensure that they get some beautiful photos is a great way to say: "You are important to me," "thank you". Ready to take photos of each pairing, in the aisle and try to involve the bride and groom photos when combined with some unique concepts were a photographer. We appreciate the interesting point of view, the photographer to capture the Bridal Party.

10. Wedding children and pets

Few things are adorably dressed children and animals, cute! Between the ring bearer flower girl and niece, nephew, cousin rangling a set of lenses, they will be very interesting, which will also be in the years ahead is how young and good opinion. As for the dogs and other furry friends, we understand, for those of us who do not have children, it is easy to hold a special place for pets - approved in our hearts!

9. The bride with her father

First look at the father and the bride is almost the same as the first look at the groom is special, everyone knows how the most stoic father even more than his little girl's emotional big day! Before you walk down the aisle, as well as to ensure that a photographer ready to capture your first look at the best of times, your father would be grateful, always have a special moment.

8. Play

Why so serious? Important is to carve out their own fun in the preparation stage, as it can get the high emotions can run the ceremony. Around the grounds to take a quick walk or play a game card or Bananagrams release some pressure to open up a bit. Frank the stupid pictures of girls and players is a great way to stay relaxed and excited.

7. Be our guests

While it may seem obvious, some ask your photographer to capture something of the guests can easily be overlooked. They may prefer to maintain a close wedding, because they have earlier in the day from their track. Try to get around the photographer to capture images Guests take their seats ceremony, and left for the reception, or enjoy the rehearsal dinner. This will be very pleased to see the outside of your immediate family and wedding personal and friendly faces, when you come back to the photo.

6. Ceremony

Large angle in the acquisition ceremony is very dependent on your choice of location - indoor and outdoor, day and night - so it is important, photographers have a lot of advanced warning, so that they are able to detect the position and find the best angle to capture to this event. Try to alternately pull back the image, showing a close-up shots as a whole venue, the bride, groom, bridal party and guests. The ceremony is usually the case can run you may be less than expected, so a photographer ready and waiting, you walking down the aisle, kissing, the celebration is absolutely necessary process.

5 Reception

Although the lighting is often photographers struggle when the reception, candid friends and family, sports, dance, you will not believe the image, it is well worth the extra effort. From the end of the reception dinner, first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and bid farewell to this part of the day, it is very worthwhile to capture so many great elements, if you only use blackmail purposes.

4. Shot of the couple

After the ceremony and reception full swing, it may be difficult to achieve simple, elegant, timeless couple's appearance, you will want the two of you together. At least 30 minutes, only you two complete wedding dress, your photographic reconnaissance of an intimate locations. The two of you will be able to relax the day's stress and reflect how far you to spend time.

3. The first dance

Apparently one of the books, your first dance (and song selection) at the reception to honor you and your new partner, the beginning of the great celebrations in life. Whether you choose in this part of the day or short dress, choose the dress, so that movement, as much as possible prior to practice the dance, and give some tips of your photographer, if you get a routine down. Whether you are a playful or serious, the first dance is a wonderful moment, you have to remember.

2. First look

This lens is absolutely necessary, and must not be missed, which makes the decision to select at least two photographers are very attractive. Whether you choose traditional first look at the aisle, or if you decide to take pictures before the ceremony, trying to get a photographer to capture the reaction of the groom and a photographer to capture the bride. Mix and match up is absolutely perfect, and remember that it is a reason to take a look at! However, if you are already leaps and bounds ceremony before the walk down the aisle, still used by photographers.

1. First kiss

Although it may seem like an obvious driving away in a first kiss is a symbol of eternity, it is sealed, you have access to the trade unions reached an agreement. You will want to see the kiss from multiple angles, on hand two or more photographers to capture this moment (and still live in each other's way), is ideal. Whether you choose to keep it simple, or go to something flashy, you'll never go wrong, your heart.


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