Monday, September 3, 2012

Twenty-eight female Emperor series wedding dresses debut

Catwalk area mainly white tone, in stark contrast with the play area. The show floor was hoisted hundreds of block shapes mirror, "Mirror" concept to create a magical atmosphere. Conference, designer Lan Yu carrying eight 20 wedding dress debut, set off a new fashion trend. Show twenty-eight works of wedding dress, blue jade in a different fashion elements interpretation of four different styles Empress, selection of Italian handmade lace and milky white organza, filling the the White Emperor of grace and elegance; buckle end Chinese elements the infiltration appeared the Qing emperor Oriental charm; bold outline lines highlight the wild forces of the black emperor; surreal magic, light and shadow visual effects combined with unique lines demonstrates Chidi ordinary girl can morph queen.

The magic jade illusion conference concluded successfully, games and fashion, reality and virtual, the first successful combination, brought about shocking audio-visual experience memorable, magical aesthetic of the conference site also left us a deep impression!


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