Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Maintain Dress

First of all, you can ask the material of the dress when you purchase. And if you need to devote particular care to beading, sequin and crystal embellishments.

Cleaning methods:

Wet cleaning:
1. If the dress rub off on wine or champagne. It shall put towel under the wedding dress immediately, scrub with white vinegar or detergent, then blot up with absorbent paper in order to avoid stamp.

2. Wet wash is the key, because the embellishment on the wedding dress such as beading can be destroyed by the chemicals during the dry clean. The best way is put the wedding dress into the water which include mild neutral detergent, soak for a while. The blot left by wine, oil, even perspiration can be cleaned. Washing machine and dehydration must be avoid, or the embellishments will be fell off.

Dry cleaning:
1. Some dress need to be dry cleaned. Especially those made of silk, cellulose acetate fiber, artificial silk and wool material. It must use solvent which already filtered to wash the dress, clear and definite the type and the location of the blot, otherwise there will be vestigital.

2. Some cleaning merchant suggest using special cleaning method, actually there is no need and it is expensive. So, it is better to choose creditworthy cleaning shop. Open the package and check the dress after cleaning.

1. After cleaning, the dress should be airing, but it never be put under the blazing sun for quite a long time. Those sequins, flowers etc. are easily dropped and the dress will be embrittled after insolation.

2. Don't hang up the dress for there is vertical force after a very long time, the dress will be elongated even teared.

Should be put in a cool and dry place, for example: closet, under the bed. Worst of all is attic or basement.. The former will make the dress to be heated so as to fade. The latter will result in mildew. Please wash your hands before storing up your dress to avoid cosmetic, if not, there will be a small yellow spot on the dress after a long time. In general, the dress should be fold up. Acid free material added in the folds, upper body and the sleeves with the lining, then stored in acid free big box. Sometimes, there must be a gap on the box, to keep the air circulation. We need to pay more attention to this for pure cotton texture dress. Oxygen in the air is easy to destroy the cotton fiber if too much ventilation, but we are unablle to make sure that if the dress will mould because of placed for a long time. So it's very important to choose the appropriate storage tool.


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